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19 years ago

good advice

This was is from a response originally posted by connsaxman_jim. I think that it contains some good advice. Remember to keep your posts on topic and keep the personal comments out of the forum. Sometimes, as young players, we need to earn our place. Most of the bands that I have been in, I have been the youngest member, often playing with people my parent's age or older. It's frustrating sometimes when I voice my opinions and the response that I get is something to the effect "You're just a kid and you're just learning so be quiet". My girlfriend got tickets to a Tiger's game Saturday, so I'm going to use baseball as an example. You take a rookie player, straight out of college. He's on a team with some great players; some of the best in the league. These guys are on his back about everything! They tell him he pitches like a girl, they make fun of his swing, they call him names, and they have him so upset he's ready to quit the team. But then, he's called onto the field when the bases are loaded. It's the bottom of the ninth inning and the team is down by one. This rookie player stands at the plate gritting his teeth ready to punch the first player who makes a wise crack. Then comes the first pitch. He swings a little too soon. Then the second pitch; it's a ball. Then the third pitch. CRACK! The ball flies through the air high above the wall and into the stands! It's a GRAND SLAM! The old guys, who called the rookie names are now rubbing his head and patting him on the back! They carry him across the field! He's awarded MVP! NOW, he has earned respect! Sure, maybe it doesn't seem fair. Sometimes it's best to just let the old boys lead the way. That's ok...follow closely behind them and wait for THEM to step on the land mines rather than charging ahead! Sometimes when you are just learning about a particular topic, it's best just to read or ask questions rather than state opinions. One of my college courses taught me how to handle criticism. Let me share with you for FREE what I am paying $200 per credit hour to learn in college! 1. Consider the source. How long has this person known you? Has he ever heard you play? Is his criticism based on actual facts or assumptions? 2. Is any part of the criticism valid? Does he have a point? Do you sometimes feel the need to post even if you are not so sure about the topic? 3. Respond to the criticism with a positive attitude. Whatever response you give, be positive. If you disagree, say "I'm sorry you feel that way. I try to show an interest in this forum, and I want to be a part of it!" You don't have to agree! 4. You can either learn from your criticism, or dismiss it UNTIL you hear it again! If you hear the same criticism twice from 2 different people, then you need to take a closer look at yourself! 5. Don't dwell on it and don't take it personally! Tomorrow is a new day. Just don't let it bother you. Jim

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