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by YanagisawA-901
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12 years ago

Consistancy in Tone..

My goal this summer.. double my skill.. lofty goal, but somthin to work for .. 2 of the main things i need to improve are my tone, and my sight reading.. Im working on this Rythem Exercise by a guy named Jack Peterson.. But for my tone, what is the absolute most beneficial thing, and noticable for tone improvement.. i know what tone i want and im working towards it.. it is long tones and overtones?? im going for the same clarity and edge in notes on my mid D and E and F and such, that i get on my Upper G and higher.. ya kno?? will long tones get me there?? im happy with my setup... Selmer E soloist, 3 Java Reed, Rovner dark.. help?? haha

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  1. by kneejerk52
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    12 years ago

    Re: Consistancy in Tone..

    do some reading on the dreded emboucher thing many different ideas are out there but, understand air flow and how it relates to you personally. each player is limited to his play and sound according to the makeup of, his body, inside mouth, roof of mouth, teeth, strength of your lips. there are thing you can adjust olny by opening or closing your chamber inside your mouth. experiment with combination of setup and this and see if it affect any change. also there is a book called amazing phrasing with a good section on this, also good scale practice. have fun

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