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by bhjets
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7 years ago


i have been working on my tone in the altisimo range and wondering if anone has any thoughts on mouthpiece and reeds that help with overtones and just plain ease of hitting these notes.   I have neen playing vandoren ZZ 2.5 and using a otto link 7 and a ralph morgan hard rubber 7.  In addition i am playinG a yamaha custom tenor and alto.  


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  1. by tempomaster
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    7 years ago

    Re: Altisimo

    I would say you have the ideal set as far as reed and mouthpieces go.  The horn shouldn't be a key factor with this issue.  My one small piece of advice would be to try taking in a bit more mouthpiece and see if that may give you a slight edge.  

    I would also be very interested in any advice you may have after you've been working the issue.

    Best of luck.

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