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by Bari saxist
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6 years ago

JAZZLAB saXholder Saxophone Harness

I was wonderding if anybody has had any expirence with the JAZZLAB saXholder Saxophone Harness. I really like the concept and I think it would be great for marching band. 

Heres a link to the one fetured on WWBW;

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  1. by Saxquest
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    6 years ago

    Re: JAZZLAB saXholder Saxophone Harness

    Yes, these are great straps. They are very secure and quite comfortable. The only disadvantage is the storage. The stem is fairly rigid so you can't just fold it up and stick in in a small case compartment. But it will fit down the bell of the horn or if you have a larger outer case pocket. 

    These are also available on here:


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