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by RoYrOy
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14 years ago

Bari mouthpiece trouble!!!

Hey guys so here's my question, I've been using a Vandoren Java mouthpiece on my Yamaha YTS-62SE. And it sounds pretty good but I tried my Bari WTII mouthpiece on it and it sounds great! But to have it in tune I almost have to have the mpc on the edge of the neck, if I push it in any further I play too sharp! If I loosen my embouchure then my sound just sounds funny, what can I do?

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  1. by mojocoggo
    (97 posts)

    14 years ago

    Re: Bari mouthpiece trouble!!!

    I have this problem alot when using metal mouthpieces on baritone... I don't know if it is my fault, the quality of the mouthpiece's fault, or the quality of the horn's fault, but when I use other mouthpieces, I can play in tune perfectly. Only thing I can think of is to get a bigger cork, so the mouthpiece won't fall off, and it will seal better....

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    1. by Bariboy
      (18 posts)

      14 years ago

      Re: Bari mouthpiece trouble!!!

      u might want to try not putting the neck in all the way. it makes the instrument longer so is will be less flat. if it doesn't work, then get it recorked.

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