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by rwolson01
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1 week ago

cannonball tenor sax

been looking at Cannonball tenors on web and they look pretty nice.  any thoughts on these horns.  have owned few intermediate horns and looking to uo grade.  Stone big bell interest me.  Thanks

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  1. by mijderf
    (93 posts)

    1 week ago

    Re: cannonball tenor sax

    I am not terribly impressed by Cannonballs.  I think they have OK, but not outstanding sound and build quality.  I think that some of the real hidden gems in tenors are sold by Phil Barone
    Phil started out as a mouthpiece refacer and manufacturer before introducing a line of horns.

    Here is a review that appeared on a alternate saxophone blog:

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    1. by rwolson01
      (2 posts)

      1 week ago

      Re: cannonball tenor sax

      Thanks 4 imfo I'll check them out

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  2. by bjroosevelt
    (17 posts)

    5 days ago

    Re: cannonball tenor sax

    I was recently in the market for a new tenor.  As I like a “Jazzy” sounding horn, it was a new Cannonball Big Bell was finalist in my selection.  I didn’t actually purchase it.

    1). My understanding is that the more recent ones have a pretty good build quality
    2). The price is great, when compared to other new horns.’
    3). I like the ability to switch out the two necks.
    4). Thought the sound for a Jazz player was much better on the Big Bell than on either a new Yamaha or new Selmer Paris.  (I was upgrading from an old Student Conn with a great Jazz sound).  The new Yammy and Selmers I tried out had a thinner, less full sound in my opinion. 
    5).  Didn’t have to go to a big tip-opening mouthpiece to get a Jazzy sound with the Cannonball.

    With that said, I ended up purchasing a 45 year old Selmer Mark VII relaquer for two reasons.

    1). Ergonomics were good
    2). Key action was much, much faster than on the Cannonball.
    3). Set up was easier to keep in tune when playing. 

    The Mark VII has more of a classical sound, so I had to start on a new mouthpiece with a much bigger tip opening and medium baffle to get a ”Jazzy” sound - and so my embouchure is getting a work out.

    If I would have puchased a new horn, I have no doubt that I would have chosen the Cannonball.  The value is there.

    Good Luck!

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