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by Zheng
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14 years ago

v16 metal vs jody jazz classical hr

im looking of a mp that is loud and bright but also can play dark and soft. i been told these 2 are very good. whitch should i get. btw i play a selmer tenor. thx for the help.

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  1. by mrd
    (137 posts)

    14 years ago

    v16 metal vs jody jazz classical hr/Answer

    Mr. Zheng: I have both so I think I can give you an honest opinion. The V16 is the finest mpc I have played. Frankly, the only other one I can say I keep going back to is the Metal Beechler which does as good a job but without some of the depth. As for the Vandoren, Their Metal V16 has all the versatility you will need. Forget any that are "higher" priced, and valued like the Barone/Guaradala/etc.. The V16 is Quite underrated. If I had a choice again, I would pick it over all others. As for the JJ, I have the JJ ESP, which I find it plays well, but doesn't have quite the snap or brightness of the V16. As I said, my first choice is that one, and my second is the Beechler Metal. On the alto, I happen to be using the JJ ESP also, which does the job well, but if I see a deal on a V16 or Beechler, I will switch as well. Hope that helps...

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    1. by dirk-lo
      (11 posts)

      14 years ago

      Re: v16 metal vs jody jazz classical hr/Answer

      I agree, The V16 is a fine mouthpiece. I've played one with a Martin tenor and a Serie III with fine results on both. It's a bright, versatile mouthpiece that can be really sweet and breathy when need be. I'm very happy with it. Eric :-)

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