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by tesanger
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13 years ago

Mouthpiece Issues

I have been using a Dukoff D8 tenor mouthpiece for years. I started using it because that's what was sitting on the shelf in the Army Band supply closet when I got there. Let me preface this by admitting that I know absolutely NOTHING about tip facing or any other tech talk regarding mouthpieces. What I DO know is that I LOVE the tone I get out of it. I use a Vandoren V-16 #3 reed. Problem is that it's just so darn hard to play a nice long phrase without running out of air. Also from low E on down, it's hard to get the notes out. Any suggestions on an alternate mouthpiece? Thanks!

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  1. by Zheng
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    13 years ago

    Re: Mouthpiece Issues

    try a 2 1/2 reed. i will make the low notes pop out a lot eaiser and u dont need as much air, but ur goin to have to pratice with it to contol on the high notes

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