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by sorinc
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5 years ago

Best soprano saxophone(s) to buy

I am an advanced-intermediate to advanced tenor saxophone player in high school, and I am interested in buying a soprano saxophone, new or vintage. If anyone can recommend something in the $350-$1000 range, that would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
    (644 posts)

    5 years ago

    Re: Best soprano saxophone(s) to buy

    in the 350 to 1000 range, you wont find much.

    Check Craigslist and Ebay. Other than that, nothing good is going to find you

    that is worthwhile in that pricerange.

    Vintage Conn, Matin, Buescher, expect in the 750 to 1200 range and needing a good 500 worth of work.

    Cheaper Asian models, good luck. Find something you can playtest prior to buying. I would expect such a horn to be in the 500 to 1000 range at least.

    But, my fist soprano was a vintage silver King I paid 50 bucks for and paid 300 to repad it in 1981.

    Good Luck

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  2. by mijderf
    (282 posts)

    5 years ago

    Re: Best soprano saxophone(s) to buy

    For that price range, you are unlikely to find a "forever horn".  But if you want a good playing one that gets good reviews, check the sops at Kessler and Sons.  Kessler will provide a nicely set up horn that should be playable for a few years with no repairs needed.  Long enough for you to discover how well you like sop, and whether you want to eventually buy up.  You can even call him to discuss your sound concept for soprano ahead of time.

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