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by robo08
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11 months ago

Buescher sax

Hello forum.
I just pulled an alto I used to play 20 years ago and am trying to figure out what model and timeframe it comes from. It looks like a very old case.. how does one go about figuring this out?

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
    (352 posts)

    11 months ago

    Re: Buescher sax

    There is a saxophone mueum tab on this main page. Top upper left. It opens up to serial numbers under various makers.

    Also there are examples of types of horns under this tab that are in the museum.


    The Saxophone market from 1920 to 1950+ ish is simply saturated with wonderful American made horns.

    A time of the past. No longer an American made saxophone market. All the good american horns are Vintage. So, you got a vintage American sax.

    Good Luck

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    1. by robo08
      (2 posts)

      10 months ago

      Re: Buescher sax

      You appear to be correct...found out it was serial @ 160205, which meant it's an early 1920's model. But guess that's not super interesting to potential buyers regardless...seems to have a lot of history, but not much value!

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      1. by mgictwnger
        (40 posts)

        8 months ago

        Re: Buescher sax

        Take a look on eBay for completed sales of the same or similar horns. Some vintage Bueschers are very desireable. Condition is important, but a lot of buyers are looking for "fixer uppers".

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