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by Rautanenaltto
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6 years ago

Saxophone made of iron

Hi! Is it possible to make a saxophone from iron? In In finnish, my name is an anagram "alto made of iron", so it would be funny to have an iron made alto sax ????

Does it work, how much would it weigh etc?

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  1. by mijderf
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    6 years ago

    Re: Saxophone made of iron

    Well the densities of iron and brass are not tremendously different.  However brass can be rolled and drawn to thinner usable gauges.  So I would expect an iron sax that has any chance of being playable would be on the order of 10 times the weight of a brass saxophone.  But even with the most protective coatings available, you would be fighting horrendous corrosion problems. 

    Maybe buy a cheap, non playing horn and paint it to look like iron. :)

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