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by TorontoLeafs67
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8 months ago

1980 conn tenor saxophone

Just wonderin if a 1980 conn tenor saxophone is a good instument to buy.It is in good shape and they are selling it for $600.00.I do not know the model or serial number.

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  1. by mijderf
    (204 posts)

    8 months ago

    Re: 1980 conn tenor saxophone

    IMO the last good Conns were made in the late 1950’s.  I can’t think of a 1980’s Conn worth that much.  There are better deals than that for tenors.  For example check out the Vito (Yamaha YTS-21) at:

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  2. by historicsaxwhisperer
    (352 posts)

    8 months ago

    Re: 1980 conn tenor saxophone

    The market is saturated with inferior horns made mostly in Asia.

    The 1980s Conns are no better. I'm not sure where they were made, but they are not worth a 600 price.

    Being able to play test a horn first should always be your first option.

    So, look locally. Then buy what you like, even if it is a purple colored thin as paper asian horn.


    Just enter Tenor Saxophone on ebay. Even go a step further and narrow your search down to instruments priced in the 200 to 500 range. You will see a lot of crap, but also a handful of Vintage American horns that are much better. They usually need a simple visit to the local repair shop for a freshening up. There are 1000s of them out there in homes where a student played for a year and stopped. A Bundy, Bundy II, Vito made in Yamaha, Yamaha any model made in japan, Kohlert Bixbey (rolled tone holes), any US made martin, Buescher, etc

    It is a wonderful market for the player. Not such a good market for those of us with a thick inventory. In time, the inferior horns producers will fold. There are more horns than there are horn players right now. A buyers market.

    Good Luck 

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    1. by GFC
      (790 posts)

      7 months ago

      Re: 1980 conn tenor saxophone

      The MexiConn era lasted until 1987, when United Musical Instruments movecd production back to the USA.  The later Conn USA horns don't have the same evil reputation as the MexiConns.

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