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by Frathouse58
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6 years ago

Chateau Alto Saxophone

I came across what appears to be a really nice used Chateau alto saxophone but I am unable to find any information on this particular sax. It is listed as a 200 Series Model 1510. It appears to be a student model sax which is exactly what I am looking for. Does anyone have any information on this particular model?

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  1. by mijderf
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    6 years ago

    Re: Chateau Alto Saxophone

    The best way to figure out this horn is the get the actual serial number from the horn.  Here is an example of the serial no. for a 200 Series model:

    Chateau VCH-221(made in Vietnam)

    The series 200 does look to be a student model like you stated.  In general, most people looking for used student model horns go with a Yamaha YAS-23 or -21 or one of the versions they made for Vito as a stencil horn (see example in link:

    The known advantages to the Yamaha and subsequent Vito version are:
    1.  Ruggedness and durability
    2.  Large availablity of parts
    3.  Techs are very familiar with these horns.

    I have nothing against the student level Chateau, it's just that, as you have noted, it is difficult to find information about their student level horns.  If this were a pro grade Chateau, I would give a different answer. 

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