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6 years ago

Hawkes Cmelody... worth rescuing?

 I’m not sure which part of the forums to put this request because I’m kind of New!?

  I have been given a Hawkes & Son C Melody saxophone which seems very very old and has been difficult to research


I was given it because I already have a Cmel -a Conn NW2-  and the original owner claimed that the one he was giving me/getting rid of was high pitch

and therefore useless and kindly thought it would be fun for me to learn how to repair saxophones with safely (!) As it didn’t matter if I damaged it!
 (S A C R I L I D G E!!)


I have got five notes working so far,  just to get an idea of the sound and whether it’s worth overhauling etc and according to the chromatic tuner app on my iPhone, four of them seem in pitch and the one that isn’t (bear in mind this is hardly regulated or anything…) Is blowing at a lower pitch NOT high?!


The neck, though curved, seems to have the same volume/dimensions as the straightneck on my Conn but the body, though the toneholes seem to be in the same places, IS shorter on the Hawkes than my Conn when compared side-by-side  but I’ve been told that different outers different tennis et cetera aren’t necessarily the same length either so it’s not a big deal…? 


Do you think that they are both lower pitch and its just that some manufacturers make shorter sized horns than others? 


The bore does seem to be similar although, maybe, the Hawkes IS millimetres wider..?


Any help or advice you can offer is much appreciated!


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