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by historicsaxwhisperer
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10 months ago

Dillon Music in New Jersey

Does anyone have any knowlwdge of Dillon Music in New Jersey?

I ran across an old friend who I have known since 1980 ish. He is a professional player and he is now working at Dillon music. Awesome vintage horns and probably filled with great players on staff. I looked it up, I was just curious, and it looks to be an amazing business. It looks like the type of business I'd run if I decided to take my refurbishing hobby serious.

It is definitely work a looksey.

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  1. by RobertD
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    9 months ago

    Re: Dillon Music in New Jersey

    Dillon Music.


    The best.

    The place is a wind players' Mecca. I live about an hour from them. I haven't been there in a while. Since I started playing sax. Before that I'd only been to the brass shop. Those walls are covered with amazing horns. Great staff. Great repair shop.

    I've never been to the woodwind side. I have to get over there someday and check it out.

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