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by musiclover1976
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6 years ago

Conn Alto and Conn C-Melody Value

I need help, I have two beautiful saxophones and need to put a value on them for my insurance company. They are both Conn’s and in excellent condition, although the alto needs new pads. These instruments are precious to me as they were given to me as a gift from the pianist that plays for our church choir and they were he late husbands. I have searched for a value but ended up running in internet circles, I know you have to see it to give a written appraisal and they are irreplaceable to me but a fair market value would be greatly appreciated. 

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  1. by GFC
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    6 years ago

    Re: Conn Alto and Conn C-Melody Value

    The alto is a Holton, not a Conn.  Not enough value to worry about about or even justify investing in new pads.  Find a deorative use for it.  The c-melody is from 1920.  There is little demand for c-melody, hence, the market value is low.  Could be worth maybe three hundred because it is in such nice condition and people who do want a c-melody favor the Conns.

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