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5 years ago

Looking to buy Cannonball Tenor: Need Help!

I am currently playing on a school bari sax and I feel that I am ready to advance my musical career by purchasing my own sax. I personally like the sound of a tenor better than a bari. I like playing Bari in concert band, but for solos, ensembles, and all state, I think I would have more motivation to practice a tenor simply because I like the sound better. I am also interested in a tenor because of the cost for a bari. I have a part time job and have started to save up to buy a new Cannonball. My parents will not be able to help me that much, but may be able to pitch in a few hundred dollars. Here are the questions I have: How much does a new Cannonball tenor run? If I get it custom made, how long does it take? Is there a down payment for getting a custom made sax and how much? If I want to have it by the end of marching band season (probably October"ish"), how soon will I have to place the custom order? If you have any other tips for saving money or purchasing a Cannonball, please feel free to comment. Thanks

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