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5 years ago

Need Help getting my old mouthpiece

Hello!!! This is almost unbelieveable.After SELLING my father's Buescher Big "B"about 5 years ago,I always regretted that I sold it. A very HUGE mistake 

Last week I am looking for a sax to buy online,and I found a Buescher Big "B" that looked an awful lot like mine,that was handed down by my dad.

When you have and love something that long,you get to know every scratch,dent and other signs of the musical war it went through.The dent on the bottom,when it fell off the strap hook when I was still too young to be ble to hold it correctly. I looked more.I asked the seller for the serial number,he gave it to me.  I called my mother,who I knew had wrote the serial number down 40 years ago,and I AM STILL in shock!!!
It IS MY DAD"S HORN!!!! What are the odds of that happening??? I immediatly bought it.

It is missing the Brillhardt ALL BLACK hard plastic or whatever material they built them with.It was not fancy,just had Brillhart wrote out in cursive engraving,and I am not cetain but I THINK it had a #4 engraved on it somewhere. No white or black piece on the tip,I am trying to find out which one I had,because it sounded great with that sax.
do not know which model it was,Today,someone told me it was one of the cheap,Brillhart "Special".Which does not disappoint me at all.I always played The CHEAP RICO reeds,size of reeds was 1 and a half.I could never achive an altissimo with it,and a teacher in town told me I never would with that mouthpiece and that size of reeds!!!CHEAP REEDS and CHEAP WOMEN!!, I used to be into them. 

But what a sexy,hot TONE!!!!!I need help from the pros,who know about mouthpieces to help me guess which #number Brillhart it was.I thought I saw a 4 on it,but am not certain.My dad bought the mouthpiece in the late 60[s,early 70's,but it could have been used when he bought it. If anyone knows what size Brillhart would work GREAT with 1 and a half size reeds,please give me your best guess at the size. 

It was extremely EASY to play,you did not need alot of wind to make it sing.And it did SING!!! I am just still shell shocked,it really hasnt hit me yet that I found it and was able to fix one of the top mistakes I've made in my life,believe me,there are many.

I thank The Lord for bringing it back to me,it truly is a miricle!!!If I coulda had ANY HORN in the world,MY big "B" would be the one I woulda wished for.There is just something SPECIAL about that particular Big"B",words cannot explain how great it feels to play it,but I need to have the same mouthpiece setup,and I don't wanna WASTE a bunch of money trying to find another one that was the same size as mine.
I know absolutly nothing about tip openings,chamber sizes,etc....The Reed was very close to the mouthpiece when in place,Iwas too busy chasin those girls around to ever find out what kind of Brillhart it was,from pictures it looks like the "SPECIAL"but what#number do you guys think I should try out first? 

I will solve this problem,but The Lord has solved my ultimate problem by returning that horn back to me.Any help or advice very much needed,and thanks in advance.

The horn will be here next week,and I wanna play it until the pads wear out before I sit it down.I CERTAINLY won't be selling it again,the sentimental value is priceless to me,besides being a "HOWLER",it really projects and is so easy to play.ANd I ain;t gettin any younger,and I still smoke cigarettes,so it is imperitive I find the right size Brillhart.-Kenny

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    5 years ago

    Re: Need Help getting my old mouthpiece


    I had a similar situation with a Dolnet alto I had in ther past.

    It was a last run horn from Dolnet. It was engraved Universal Export.

    After I researched it online, the only comparable example I was able to find was the same exact horn I had in my posession. I tried to locate who presented the photo to the site, but it had been just too long.




    If you look under the Saxophone muesum tab in the upper left corner, then look under mouthpieces, you have many examples of the Brilhart pieces.

    Just look around.

    Good Luck.

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