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by eishiba
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5 years ago

flats and sharps

So I have been teaching myself the alto sax and haev a question. I have been teaching myself one note at a time. I have a program on my computer that lets you post pictures and it will randomly display them for any amount of time you set. This way you arent using a book and getting used to the same patterns in the book but rather can go from one note to another without problems. This way when I do use a book ill be used to going from one note to another at random. So I did all of the major notes that dont require the octave key. Then I start with some flats and sharps and its confusing because some flats and some sharps are the same key. Some flats and some majors are the same. And some some sharps and majors are the same key. This is comfusing. It also doesnt help that some notes like the C sharp is in the spot of the C note but it means play a D flat. Any tips on trying to learn these or understand them?

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    5 years ago

    Re: flats and sharps

    C# is D flat

    G flat is F#

    B# is C

    C## is D

    A sharp is a half step up.

    A flat is a half step down.


    This is pretty basic music theory taught in 5th grade..

    Just keep working at it. Loose the computer. Charlie Parker and John Coltrane did not have a laptop.

    You got Augmented Scales, Diminished Scales. and Whole tone scales ahead of you.

    No matter what they call em, there is only two whole tone scales.

    Then you can get into Indian/Middle Eastern music where there are 1/4 steps.

    Good Luck!!

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    1. by eishiba
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      5 years ago

      Re: flats and sharps

      I'm not exactly in school anymore haha. 

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