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5 years ago

Present day horn design vs Compsers Origianl Sound Intention

I have been playing a bit of Classical Solos recently. Dusted off a number of peices I played in College during 80s. The classic Embachure and mouthpiece designs were encouraged by the original producers of the saxophone and the music the time. The time when the instrument was invented, long before popular music. Nice Fluid dark sound. Like the soundtrack of the movie Catch Me If You Can.


Since classic pieces stay classic for literally hundreds of years, it is near impossible to produce the intended sound of the composers on the newer bore designed instruments of today. Jazz has had its hey day. As far as that goes, so has Rock and R&B. They are now classics in their own right. Where will the future saxophone designs end up?

Vintage horns seem to be the only correct way to produce what was originally intended in classical music composition.

Best I can do is go out and pick up a nice vintage Buffet Super dynaction tenor for classical and keep my Mark VI for the 20th century music. Or keep trying to darken my Mark VI in other ways. Like a velt doughnut in the bell.

Every Player has a different voice. My classical and legit voices are just intentionally different.


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