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5 years ago

Hi I am Jay Rodriguez . I just wanted to say and introduce myself

Hi saxophone brethren and sistren.. 
i am new to this forum . It has been very informative and inspring to check in and read posts.
I have been performimg , playing and teaching for a long time . Pre social media. Ha .
lol .
I love all horns vintage , new and old . made by China or by Taiwan , France , US , (  I prefer using the preposition by instead of in )Wherever it is made as long as they seal and I can get some form of human expression out of them. 
I own a vintage Vi tenor , an RW alto , a JL alto , a Conn transitional a lot and Finn bari and an RW bari and a conn bari .
I will save the mouthpiece talk for another  thread .
More importantly I wanted  to say greetings And salutations !
Peace out Jay 

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