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5 years ago

How long to learn alto when familiar with jazz?


So I want to learn saxophone to play jazz solos and play in my big band. I play lead trombone right now in my big band and am very familiar with jazz/improvisation, so I thought I could pick it up pretty quickly - is this right? Of course it would take time to learn how to actually play, but getting familiar with solos would be alright?

Also will playing sax mess up my embouchure for trombone?


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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    5 years ago

    Re: How long to learn alto when familiar with jazz?

    I know a few players that play both trumpet and sax, so I would not worry about it messing with your brass lips.


    The saxophone is one of the easiest instruments to play badly.

    Just learn the fingerings and do long tones. Knowing music makes your goal a lot easier to reach.


    I just picked up a blessings trumpet that was mismarked at the local thrift shop.

    They thought it was a cheap suitcase and maked it at $1.99

    So, when I opened the case, they were pissed because by law they had to sell it to me.

    A very nice undamaged student horn.

    I have a couple grandsons that may want to play it, but I also may step up and see what happens.


    Good Luck.

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