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by AlexEik
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10 months ago

Help me understand music theory!

Ok so I'm a freshman in my high school and I play bari in my jazz band. It's quite overwhelming and Intimidating because of the older kids who are way better than me. I know how to play and I think I have I pretty good tone but I don't really understand the "music theory" behind the music. my band teacher starting going in chords progressions and how to know what notes to play over them and I was basically completely lost. I don't want to ask for clarification because for it to make sense to me we would be there all day.  I'm not asking for someone to fully explain theory to me (obviously) but is there some book or something where I can figure out how to understand this stuff. I'm in the midst of learning my major and blues scales right now so I think that will help maybe. 


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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    10 months ago

    Re: Help me understand music theory!

    The Jazz Theory Book by Mark Levine.


    ALSO, Learn and memorize all major scales for the entire range of your instrument.

    Learn and memorize all Minor Scales for the entire range of your instrument.

    Get a few basic Jamie Abersold play along CDs.

    Read the material that comes with it.



    Good Luck

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  2. by F35H
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    10 months ago

    Re: Help me understand music theory!

    Rick Beato has a couple overviews for music theory. He also has his own book.

    I personally never had a really "good" Jazz Band in High School, as the teacher never took Jazz Studies - we had to invite the middle school teacher over who was only there half the time; so I really have no initiative on what you mean by "music theory," beyond what I know now. I believe these two videos may be all you need for now, but don't stop. You want to expand your musical knowledge, no matter where you are.

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    1. by eringibbs
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      2 months ago

      Re: Help me understand music theory!

      I have been wanting to get more comfortable with music theory for some time now. This material and presentation is excellent.

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  3. by PaulRileysax
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    2 weeks ago

    Re: Help me understand music theory!

    Check out this YouTube channel called Online Sax Academy, it has loads of great free jazz saxophone lessons, hope it helps:


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