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by Gomes
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4 years ago

Advice on improvising on sax

Hello everyone,,

I am a high school Jazz Band player. I have played the Tenor Sax for about 5 years. I have only recently gotten into listening and playing jazz and am eager to learn. The problem is that i find my solos really boring. It is difficult for me to play anything interesting after about a minute. Ill take advise on this and anything else.

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  1. by PaulRileysax
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    3 years ago

    Re: Advice on improvising on sax

    Check out this YouTube channel, it has loads of great free jazz saxophone lessons, hope it helps:

    Original Quote:
    "Hello everyone,,

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    1. by cruzlake
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      2 years ago

      Re: Advice on improvising on sax

      Great Videos! I haven't played my sax in a while and I wanted to learn something new so this great

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