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by majkoe
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4 years ago

Thomann experiences?

Hi. I'm pretty new to sax playing and have played a while on a school saxophone from buescher. 
I have plans on buying a brand new alto saxophone and don't want it to be a beginner one but not an expert one either. So I have been looking at some saxophones from yamaha. like the yas480.

The German music store Thomann  sells a alto saxophone with their own brand called "Thomann MK3 handmade" and a brand new cost about the same as a brand new Yamaha yas280, but Thomann themselves claims it is comparable to the Yamaha yas-480. 

when I asked advice from my  recent repair shop he recommended to not go for the Thomann. 

I find it hard to find any reviews of the saxophone from Thomann and that's why I'm asking around here, if there is anyone with experience of the Thomann MK3 handmade alto saxophone, and if it is a resonable saxophone to buy.

Thanks in advance.

/Mikael Jakobsson 

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    4 years ago

    Re: Thomann experiences?

    In Todays World, there are a number of manufactureres making saxophones in Indonesia, China, Taiwan. None are made in the US. Few are made in Germany.

    It seems everybody is getting into the name recognition by having some manufacturer place their name on a saxophone. The good thing with some, such as Saxquest and Tenor Madness, here in the states, is they do their own setup. So the instruments will play to "The best of their setup ability".

    Some of the manufacturers are better than others. I would stay away from a horn that you are skeptical about. Stick with the Yamaha.


    I have been refurbishing vintage American made saxophones for 27 years, but I must admit, I have played on a vintage purple logo Yamaha Tenor in the late 70s prior to picking up my every day Mark VI tenor around 1981. And I of course have a collection of American made horns. so, you never know what I may show up playing at a rehersal.


    Good Luck

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    1. by majkoe
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      3 years ago

      Re: Thomann experiences?

      Thanks, I ended up with a Yamaha YAS-480, and I'm very satisfied with that one so far ????

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