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4 years ago

Help identifying vintage sax

Hi everyone!

I've been playing clarinet for a while now and reached a decent level, so I thought it was time to take the step and get myself a saxophone. A tenor to be precise. I live in a relatively small town in the north of Sweden, and had the luck to spot a nice looking instrument for sale that turned out to be just a stones throw away from where I live.

The saxophone in question was stated in the ad to be either a Keilwerth or a Kohlert from the 30s. It used to belong to the father of the woman I bought it from, and you can tell it had been well taken care of. For the last 30 years, she told me it had just been laying around in its box. It's in decent working condition, with a cleaning and some basic maintenance it will definitely serve me well. However, I can not find any name on it that clarifies who actually made it. Just a serial number (4159), what I believe is the model name (Monarch), and something that looks to me like a slogan (The best in the world). Apart from this, I do not know much else about it.

I paid 3500 swedish kronor for it (equivalent to around 340 dollars), and I'm curious if a got a good deal on it or not. As well as I would really like to know just what type if saxophone I've managed to get my hands on. So if anyone here can help me find out what it is, what it's actually worth, or even just point me in a direction where I potentially could learn more about it, I would be ever so appreciative.

Here are some pictures.

- Felix.

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