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by emmajv
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4 years ago

High E leaking on Alto

Hi all,
Sax newbie here. 
I have an air leak on my Yamaha YAS-280 (side high E tone hole). The pad seems off centred but I don’t know if the key is bent or if the pad moved. 

Any advice on what I can do before I consider sending it for repair ? 

I hope I can play again soon :(

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    4 years ago

    Re: High E leaking on Alto

    That looks like the key may have gotten hung on a shirt sleeve or something and slightly bent the key, not allowing the cup to close. It is not a big issue to correct. Does the circle indention on the pad still lien up with the tone hole rim, or has it been moved out of position?

    It is a cheap repair. Most techs just line it back up and put in a new pad.



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