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4 years ago

CONNsortia - a new website dedicated to Conn saxophone engraving

Hello all,

Wanted to share info about a new website you might be interested in, especially if you are a CONN lover.

Having found no one site that really tried to create a gallery of ALL the engraving art of CONN, I decided to build it and make it my ongoing project.

The great news is, I have partnered with Brian at GetASax on this project, who’s knowledge and back catalog of pictures has given us enough content to start the site.
We are looking forward to everyone who loves Conn saxophones to be a part of the “CONNsortia” and submit photos and info on their horns.

Please see the site below for all info and the current galleries.
We have a number of other galleries and special features planned, but we wanted to get it up and going and share the starting point with you all.

It is called CONNsortia, can can be accessed at:

We are not looking for any money, etc, this is not a commercial effort, it is a labor of love...of Conn saxophones.
An online virtual museum with a goal of showing every Conn saxophone engraving in chronological order to show the rise (and fall) of one of the most unique art forms on saxophones.

Hope you enjoy it, contribute and come back often to see what’s new.
FYI - best viewed on a PC or tablet.


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