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by Alexbancas
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4 years ago

Vito saxophone

i found this saxophone, for what i've read this were stencil of yamaha and later on became taiwanese.

¿does anyone know if this was made by yamaha? it's serial number is 202100

¿would you recommend this saxophone? the price is 282 dollars

many thanks.

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  1. by mijderf
    (282 posts)

    4 years ago

    Re: Vito saxophone

    This one does not appear to be made by Yamaha.  If this alto was manufactured by Yamaha, it will say that it is made in Japan near the serial number.  Here is a link to a serial number chart for Vito  

    This reference also mentions that KHS/Jupiter made some of the Vito saxes.  I believe that Beaugnier also made some of them.  Note that the link to the Yamaha made models does not include your serial number.

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