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by Alexbancas
(4 posts)
3 weeks ago

Diamond saxophone


does anyone know about this brand of saxophone?

it looks really good but i am a beginner so i don't know what im talking about

it cost 220 dollars

many thanks.

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  1. by mgictwnger
    (44 posts)

    3 weeks ago

    Re: Diamond saxophone

    You get what you pay for. $220 = junk. 

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  2. by historicsaxwhisperer
    (543 posts)

    3 weeks ago

    Re: Diamond saxophone

    I wouldn't say junk.

    As a beginner, its an inexpensive way to start.

    There are a number of makers of inexpensive saxophones, mainly in asia.

    Since you are a beginner, get the most out of it for a few years. You may be highly satisfied with it. You may decide to move on to a more expensive model.


    Anyway, Sonny Rollins played on a Bundy Tenor for a few years.

    An inexpensive horn, in the hands of a true artist, producing legendary jazz.

    Ignorance in the hands of the inexperienced=Studity


    Good Luck !!

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    1. by Alexbancas
      (4 posts)

      2 weeks ago

      Re: Diamond saxophone

      what about a pioneer sax?

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