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4 years ago

Selmer Stencil?

Hi, first time poster here.

I recently purchased a vintage sax and was wondering if anyone can help with ID.

The bell is inscribed "Savana, á Paris, 763" on three lines, but with no makers mark or any other numbers.

Looking at the various models on here, it seems to be a bit of a hybrid between a Selmer Modele 28 and an Adolphe. Presumably a Selmer stencil? (see pic)

It has the trill pad on top of the D pad (if I got that right?) which seems to only crop up on a few models of that era. It looks like it may be made up from various parts after Selmer took over Adolphe?

I don't understand the "Savana" mark, because although it looks a little like that sax, it looks more like a modele 28.

Another curiosity is the mouthpiece, which is marked with a horizontal "Berg Larsen" signature, tinted red somehow (maybe by the owner?), which I have not seen when looing at old BL mouthpieces. It's only other mark is a number 5 under where the ligature sits.

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