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by JacksonGW
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3 years ago

Opinions on D'Addario Select Jazz Mouthpieces?

I've been searching for another mouthpiece for my tenor sax and I've heard some talk about the D'Addario mouthpieces. Anyone have thoughts on them? Or is there a better option. For some reference I'm currently playing on a Vandoren Java Jumbo T45 (~$150). I dont want to pay more than $250. I play mostly in brass band settings, so I like mouthpeices that are loud, have a lot of room for air movement, but also easy to control. Any help/advice is appreciated, thanks!

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  1. by mijderf
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    3 years ago

    Re: Opinions on D'Addario Select Jazz Mouthpieces?

    It sounds to me like you already have a mouthpiece that will play loud and is easy to control.  You don't mention if you like a dark or a bright tone, so it is difficult to recommend a mouthpiece for you.

    I don't think the D'Addario Select Jazz piece plays particularly loud.  You might consider the Jody Jazz Jet (not super jet).  I think it meets your criteria, and comes in just under $200 new.

    Your post sounds like you just want a new mouthpiece.  If that is the case, try to figure out what kind of sound you want to produce beyond "loud".  What is the JJ lacking for you?  It can't be volume, so I assume that you are looking for a different tone.  I recommend that you try to figure that out before you just go buying a mouthpiece.  Mouthpiece searching is hard, even when you know exactly what you want.

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