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by DanMartini
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4 years ago

can you help me recognize this Buescher model?

hi there,
I just bumped in a Buescher for sale that I could get for a bargain price but I don't recognize the model..from the sn (345xxx) it should be from the end of the 50's and before Buescher was sold to Selmer.. It has 156 noted under the serial, so I guess it's an aristocrat? on the other hand it has no Aristocrat label anywhere, and I never saw that chunky guard with a B on the left side.
...some sort of funky declination of the big B? It definitely has a bigger B than any other :D
My battery was running flat so I couldn't get more pictures, but there weren't many decorations, engravings and details that would scream top-of-the-line, besides screwable springs, did they only come with the top models or were they standard?
It comes with the mouthpiece you see, which I can't recognize either. 
Thanks for any help, 


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  1. by JonHuff
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    4 years ago

    Re: can you help me recognize this Buescher model?

    Looks like a standard Aristocrat made just after the Big B models, but yours says "Custom" where it would normally say "Aristocrat" (the rest of the engraving pattern looks about the same, from what I can see). The funky guard on the back is definitely different, haven't seen that before.

    The metal King mouthpiece is nothing special. 

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