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by davidka7
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3 years ago

Buying a tenor bundy sax, is it a steal for the price?

Tenor sax are more harder to come by, and I really have a passion for sax. I found an offer on OfferUp for 650 a tenor bundy 2 sax for 650, and got the price down to 550$. Her message was this Fully functioning Bundy Tenor Saxophone. Body has a few scuff marks, small dents, and minor scratches, but none that are serious or effect sound/tune/play in any way. Completely serviced; brand new pads and corks. Includes an adjustable neck strap, 7 Royal D'Addario 3.0 Reeds, a Tenor Sax Rico Pad guard (cleaning stick), and case. Not in need of any maintenance, but could use an outer buffing/polishing for a nicer appearance. Overall perfect playing condition.
I have pictures attached. And the serial number is  822082 

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  1. by JonHuff
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    3 years ago

    Re: Buying a tenor bundy sax, is it a steal for the price?

    I wouldn't call it a steal, but if it does indeed have new pads/corks/felts (recently overhauled) and the work was done well, that is a decent price. A good shop would probably remove the dents during the repad though, so make sure it was a quality job. You don't want to buy it for $550 and then have to sink another few hundred in, if the pads aren't right.

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