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by brethydorn
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4 years ago

Help Identifying Model of Selmer USA Tenor Sax

Please forgive me if this should have posted to a different forum, this is my first time here. 
I have a Selmer USA tenor saxophone that was gifted to me (brand new) in the mid 90's and I have not had much chance to play it until now (used to play sax and clarinet through college, but then family and work took over). Serial #830XXX.

Some have said it is a Selmer OMEGA series 100 or 110. However, I saw a post on this forum
indicated only the Selmer altos were branded OMEGA--not tenors. The post says that the tenor saxophone in that post (and perhaps mine?...since branding looks similar) was a Selmer USA 164 Professional Tenor Saxophone. Can someone help clarify what model my sax is?  I would be most grateful for the clarification. Thank you so much.

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  1. by GFC
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    3 years ago

    Re: Help Identifying Model of Selmer USA Tenor Sax

    All I  can suggest is entering the various model numbers you're considering into a web search and comparing the details on yours with those in whatever images may turn up (mostly on eBay listings).

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