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by GarfieldCatUK
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4 years ago

Online tool to help learn and practice fingerings and scales

I’ve developed a software teaching and practice aide for the saxophone which will run in a browser. It’s designed to assist with learning and practicing fingerings and playing scales. You can use it on a PC, phone or tablet, perhaps placed on your music stand (not your PC J), or you can practice fingerings without actually having your saxophone to hand – fantastic for when you need to keep the noise down. It can be used to test your memory & knowledge of fingerings by randomly selecting a note and asking you to click the keys required to play it. It will tell you if you are right or wrong – it can even deal with alternative fingerings.

I wrote it because I couldn’t find anything like it online. It’s been a challenge developing it, although I am a software developer. I’ve found it really useful, and I’ve shared it with a few people who play the sax, who have told me it’s a really great tool. I’d like to make it freely available to anyone who wants it – my motivation is to create the best and most widely used saxophone teaching aide in the world … ambitious. It’s new, so there may be some teething issues, plus it’s not been tested  on all devices / browsers yet. If you’d like to take a look and give me your feedback by clicking the smiley face, I’d be delighted. It’s best to give feedback through the tool, since it will send me the device and browser details which will be helpful in identifying and fixing issues. Please also post your comments on the forum.

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  1. by GarfieldCatUK
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    3 years ago

    Re: Online tool to help learn and practice fingerings and scales

    Hello, A lot has happened since I raised this post. Using the feedback I've received, I've created a new tool which is being used globally. Only about 30 regular users, but increasing daily and getting great feedback. It's free for anyone to use, works on most devices / browsers  - no apps to download ! New features coming all the time. Please take a look and share your comments
    Thanks, Gary

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