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by Scott Songwriter NY
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3 years ago

1950 King Zephyr HELP!! :)

Well to start off I am truly a clarinet player, but I have played a lot of saxophone over my many years.  I own a nice YAS61, and usually borrowed my friend's YTS61 when I needed to record Tenor.  I recently purchased a 1950 Kin Zephyr, and had it overhauled.  I thought the tech did something wrong and brought it back, because I could not get low tones nor decent ANY tone on the horn.  Mind you, my tone on the YTS61 was acceptable to and for me.  I play two different (cheap) mouthpieces in a Yamaha 4C and 5C, depending on what I want in tone.  Yet, neither mouthpiece gets me anything good from the Zephyr.  When I brought it back, he played it and I was amazed with the sound.  I am asking the people who know what's up?  Do I have the wrong mouthpiece(s) for a vintage horn?  Do I need to develop a better embouchure for this horn?  Both?  Do I need to sell it and get a YTS61?  When the tech played the Zephyr it sounded better than the YTS61, but then again I was playing the YTS61 so it could be me.  I am looking for advice.  Thanks in advance.

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