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3 years ago

C.G. Conn Sax identification

Hello: I found this saxophone while cleaning out my dad's attic. Have no idea how old it is, its value, etc. I don't believe it belonged to my father or my grandparents (dad moved into his childhood home after his parents passed away) because none of them played. It must have been left by a former owner. In any event, there are a few pics below.  The serial number is 84886. It has an A above and L below the serial. It also has a patent # of 1119954 and says it was patented December 8, 1914. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.



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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    3 years ago

    Re: C.G. Conn Sax identification

    That is an early 1920s Conn alto (A) in nickel plate. L means low pitch, which is correct tuning to use in "todays" musical voicing.

    The nickel plate gives a bit louder projection. a nice marching band horn. Conn was as up to date on keywork as anybody of the time, so it in a pretty nice horn in general. There are a lot of them out there, so value is around 300 bucks as is.

    If you spent the money to refurbish it, you wouldn't come out ahead. You get out about what you put into it. You could have an estimate on what it needs, but probably a complete refurbishing. 400 to 800 bucks for that horn.

    Then youd get 600 to 850 for it.

    Its a nice horn in general


    Good Luck

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