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by Chansbsrocks
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3 years ago

New to Sax and the forum

Hi everyone,
I've really wanted to learn to play saxophone for years and I'm trying to make steps to make it a reality.

Listening to Clarence Clemons originally inspired me to want to play, through Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

I am completely clueless when it comes to music and instruments but I am going to try and learn!

A big part of the reason behind learning saxophone for me, is to play the Clarence sax from all the great Springsteen songs. I have read that it's better to start with an alto sax. Are there any of these songs you cannot play on an alto?

Is there anything a complete beginner should know before getting started, or anything you wish you had known when you started? 


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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
    (644 posts)

    3 years ago

    Re: New to Sax and the forum

    If you cannot get an instructor, at least research some of the you tube videos that show you the absolute basics. Yes you can start on an alto.

    Basics such as:

    How to form your mouth for the mouthpiece

    Hand position

    Basic notes and the fingerings.

    From there, you can become self taught. I know there are players cringing at that statement.


    I just say, " Lenny Pickett."


    Good Luck

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    1. by Chansbsrocks
      (3 posts)

      3 years ago

      Re: New to Sax and the forum

      Thanks for the reply. 

      I have started looking on YouTube already and found a few interesting videos to get started with. I'm definitely interested in taking classes also, but I'll probably give it some time to settle in first.

      I'm looking into a saxophone hire (ex display Trevor James Artemis/Esprit alto) so I may be looking at getting started in early May.

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  2. by Parasdham1508
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    3 years ago

    Re: New to Sax and the forum

    Yes I/m also new in saxo and this forum and I want to play & watch saxophone in front of me.


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