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by rdderen
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3 years ago

Conn 10M tenor saxophone specially made


I just purchased a Conn 10m tenor sax which plays fantastic. The serial number is 979xxx which does not show up in any charts. The body is like a lady face but it has the under slung octave and the artist not lady on the bell. Notice the wire guards, bell brace, small pearls including thumb rest. It is silver and gold. I have had early RTH 6Ms, Chu Berry tenor and late 1960’s non wire guard 10m and 6m’s. It’s action is fast like early M ladies. Tone is right on and bold when pushed just like the good Conns. The owner could tell me very little on the history. Any thoughts on this one off special saxophone. 

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    3 years ago

    Re: Conn 10M tenor saxophone specially made

    Your pictures did not load, but I think that is a very late model 10M if it says so on the horn, or a 16M that has gone through some custom work.

    Better Pictures would help.

    Double socket neck and underslug octave key points to the later models. Serial numbers in this time frame sort of overlapped. Elkhart still made a few 10ms after most of the production was sent to Mexico.

    I have seen a few custom redone horns in silver with the satin finish and the bell mirror smooth. Very similar to yours. Any I have seen were not original.

    But what matters is how it plays. What it looks like is redundant.

    Ask Stevie Wonder


    Good Luck

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  2. by GFC
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    3 years ago

    Re: Conn 10M tenor saxophone specially made

    Production date 1962, consistent with the wire keyguard body.  Some wire keyguard bodies got underslung octave keys.

    The Conn Artist ("Naked Lady") ::

    Conn Serial Number Chart ::

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