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by ABB47
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3 years ago

Henri Selmer Paris Mark VII Alto (Lacquer) 1976 Information

Hello, I'm new here! I have been gifted this saxophone years ago which to my understanding is a high quality piece among manufacturers. The saxophone itself is in fairly good condition or at least what I would say is good condition. 

I have been trying to figure out what value a piece like this has but as i understand when it comes to saxophones it obviously depends on the condition it's in and many other factors.

Henri Selmers US/Paris seems to be a favorit to knock off due it's reputation of high quality/price instruments. Having a hard time finding a good comparision of value because I can't find many similar saxes on the market. 
I'm looking to sell so any advice helps! 

I have seen some similar models in less pretty condition being sold for what I thought would be a good starting price so i realize i don't know shit! What can it be sold for?

I realize now it's obviously not the average saxophone with the model being from 1976 so would be great to know more!

Anyone got any info or advice? 

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  1. by JonHuff
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    3 years ago

    Re: Henri Selmer Paris Mark VII Alto (Lacquer) 1976 Information

    I'm happy to help. With Selmers, condition is everything in determining value. I work for Saxquest ( Contact me there and I can help you determine a value. 


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