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by y24jds
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2 years ago

Value of King Super 20 alto 1970s era

Apologies if this is not appropriate here.. Let me know and I can delete the post.
But I have a King Super 20 alto that I bought in 1980.  The serial number is 454###.

It is in great condition and was my instrument that I played back in school.  It was my baby and extremely well taken care of.   It actually was tuned up and new pads put on it by one of the best instrument repair people in my area.  This was done about 20 years ago and I haven't even played it or touched it since then.

No dents, original lacquer.  Its not one of the silver models.. its all brass.

My parents paid $700 for it back then.  I looked and just consideration inflation would be worth $2319.20 and that doesn't even consider availability/rareity or the fact this is a classic vintage great instrument.

How does a person even get an objective valuation on something like this?  I dont have any pictures yet because I'm still on the fence if I want to proceede with trying to sell.

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  1. by JonHuff
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    2 years ago

    Re: Value of King Super 20 alto 1970s era

    An Eastlake vintage Super 20 alto (non-Silver Sonic) will max out value around $2800 in mint condition, and that's assuming the 20 year-old pads have held up well. At minimum, you'll want to get the sax re-checked before selling, as the corks will probabaly have dried, or the glue holding them on will have started to deteriorate. Good luck on it.

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