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by abrogard
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2 years ago

Aristocrat Serial 831557. When made?

Just got this Buescher Aristocrat 200 serial no.  831557.

Thought I'd like to learn a little about it.  Tried to look it up in your serial listing but couldn't really find a match.

The 'acristocrat 200'  series all seemed so old: this looks pretty new.

Anyone know how I can track down when it was made and any other details of interest?


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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
    (644 posts)

    2 years ago

    Re: Aristocrat Serial 831557. When made?


    The serial numbers here are for the more vintage pro models. There are a number of manufacturers and some models, in general, that just go ignored here. It is a very incomplete total picture. As someone that deals almost exclusively in vintage American horns, I find a good percentage of what is voiced as truth to be somewhat more heresay

    Your horn is from the later years, probably around the time Selmer USA took over Buescher. Your horn became the Signet or the Bundy II. So, it is one of the final runs under the Buescher name, but basically a student level horn of the time.

    The lack of information on these later made horns seems to just be missing and not given any value, which I myself think should be corrected by someone. But, that is where we are.

    As the Asian market takes off and there are a number of new manufacturers, this site is just becoming more and more primitive to use. What was considered a crappy manufacturer 3 years ago are now putting out top notch instruments.

    You are probably better off just typing Aristacrat 200 alto into a google search to get all your desired information. It may not even be made by Buescher.

    Good Luck

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    1. by abrogard
      (2 posts)

      2 years ago

      Re: Aristocrat Serial 831557. When made?

      Thanks for that.

      Interesting information, good to have it.

      I should have said: it's a tenor, not an alto.  But i suppose that makes no difference to anything.

      Seems to have been made for people with very large hands is my first reaction to it.

      hell of a lot of key travel on the right is my second.



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      1. by GFC
        (842 posts)

        2 years ago

        Re: Aristocrat Serial 831557. When made?

        The Aristocrat 200 is identical to the Selmer Bundy II, both introduced in 1979 in response to Yamaha eating Selmer's lunch in the student saxophone market.  Selmer (USA) retired the Buescher name in 1983.  They are solid horns designed with help from the great Ralph Morgan.

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