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Help to identify this sax

Hello everyone, 
I know absolutely nothing about saxophones. I have acquired my father's which his father had purchased used about 50 years ago I want to restore it and learn to play.. I'm trying to identify the make and model. However, the only things I can find is a serial number of 32623 (located in the front between the bell and albo) and up where the neck attaches to the body it says "Germany" 

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    2 years ago

    Re: Help to identify this sax

    Based on it's 50+ year age, the fact it only says "germany" and does not say who made it, more than likely, this was an East German made horn before the communist wall came down.
    I doubt you will find any more info. Kohlert may be the maker, but their horns were made better than this one, in general.

    It is in pretty bad shape. Resoring it would definitely be a money losing proposition based on its value after it is playable. Maybe $600 final value. It will cost you more than that to gain a playing sentimental valued horn. Then it may not be the best in tune instrument out there.
    It is a tenor, made to resemble Conn's keywork. Hopefully a few other people here will give you their opinion.....

    If you want to learn to play, pick up a nice used student yamaha alto. You can get them for $300 or so, usually on craigslist. If you stick with it enough to honor your forefathers, all the better. If not, sell it off again and be happy you saved the cash.

    That is my humble generic answer/opinion to your very common situation.

    Good Luck

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