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2 years ago

Using Alum does anyone have any insight

I am stepping up and starting my pot of Alum this weekend. Does anyone have any experience they would be willing to share? I know the process can take days. 
I have a couple fused/Rusted/ Tin man from the Wirard of Oz wanting Oil, horns that I refuse to give up on. 
They are just too Unique and rare to just consider dead.

Thanks in advance!

Update: I mixed it pretty much 50/50. Brought to a brisk boil in an aluminum pot with a glass lid. Noted the water level prior to the boiling. I added water back to original level about every 15 minutes. It literally takes 5 to 6 hours to remove the metal from a rod stuck in a post.
The end result is well worth it. No more mangling, just post resoldering and screw replacement. Basically hrd to notice on a silverplated horn.

Rods stuck inside a key tube deteriorate enough to tap the rod remnants out using a steel rod the same diameter and a 4 oz steel hammer, taping on a hard wood block with a hole drilled into it for the remnants to enter like a nail, then pull the key off the tapped in remnant.

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