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by Omgawand2001
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2 years ago

I got a Buescher Saxophone I Doubt that its Fake. Please help me

Hello, I Have A Buesher True Tone Saxophone from year 1930-1931. Its serial no. Is 256579. I have that saxophone from 3 years. I bought that saxophone at very cheap price ($110) as i didnt know its a vintage horn. And the guy who sold me didn't have much idea. After i did research on my horn i realize that it is a vintage saxophone which i got at very cheap price. But couple of weeks ago when i was doing basic service of my Saxophone. I noticed that the engraving done on rhe bell of the horn is incorrect. As the company name is BUESCHER but on my horn it is engraved as BUESCHET USA.
Now i have doubt that if its a original vintage BUESCHER saxophone or just a fake copy of it. Keeping this engraving aside everything on the saxophone is perfect its Keys, key mechanism,  neck, etc all are same as other BUESCHER TT saxophone i looked up on Internet. Just the engraving Of word BUESCHER is incorrect 
The last letter R is replaced with letter T. Except this everything is perfectly same as to orignal.

PLEASE can anyone tell me if its a orignal Buesher TT saxophone or just a knock-off or replica.

I am attaching some images bealow please have a look at it and let me know...

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    2 years ago

    Re: I got a Buescher Saxophone I Doubt that its Fake. Please help me

    True bell engraving should say The Buescher Elkhart Ind USA. It is possible just the bell is not original. It is possible it was sold without any bell engraving and engraved after selling, like a stencil horn.

    That horn would need tons of work and you got taken at $110.00.

    Good Luck

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