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2 years ago

Connsortia quite a cool task

I have been donating pics to the CONNsortia site recently.
This site is attempting to gather all available pictures of bell engravings and serial numbers on Conn saxophones, no matter how basic or extensive it may be. A project started during the Covid lockdown.

I see that has stepped up and provided them with their museum collection. Gathering pics off various sites, with permission, has to be very time consuming. I was informed Saxquest has given them permission to post whatever Saxquest may have, either in the museum or in their fore sale section. Cuddos to Saxquest!! Myself, I'd love to have my prized horn on a site to reference if it was ever stolen. Thats a real no brainer folks.
Thats a nice perk, providing your pictures for all to see.

Check it out. I am slowly providing them pics of the Conns in my collection and ones I had owned at one point. My history is going back to 1997, mostly off old floppy discs. Some people today may not even know what that is....

They are sort of  Like an 8 track tape!!

Follow this tab and Enjoy
Connsortia Home - CONNsortia

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