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2 years ago

How to clean original 1955 Conn

Found in thrift store, no case, amazingly straight Conn 6M serial 535077. Pads look great, looks very playable, I got some reeds and am gonna see if I can honk it, lol. I am no sax expert but it looks like its orig laquer finish is pretty good - I need to know how to get 67 years worth of finger smears and grimy film off, I was gonna start with some q-tips and water and maybe a damp toothbrush around all the mechanisms. I do not want to dip or soak those pads. The cork where the mouthpiece attaches looks new like its pads, some errant solder work here and there makes me wonder whether this horn has been restored. Looks like it will shine up wonderfully, I looked around but could not find the info I was seeking so I came here. In years gone by I had several old brass instruments restored, I have wanted a sax for a long time and even restored one once, but lol like the other one, unfortunately this one came along at just the right wrong time and I need to cash it out asap. THANK YOU for any suggestions or directions!! Have A Nice Day, -Mark

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  1. by JonHuff
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    2 years ago

    Re: How to clean original 1955 Conn

    Oddly enough, I've found that pledge works really well on lacquered horns. It will smear on plated spots, so for the nickel keys, you'll want to be ready with a dry cloth to start wiping it quickly, but on the body and bell, pledge works really well. Spray it on a soft cloth (so as to not scratch the horn), not directly on the horn, and then wipe away. You'll want to take care to not let any liquids touch the pads or material, and can also use q-tips for in between the keys.

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