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by andrew123
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2 years ago

Embouchure for playing softly throughout the entire range

I have been trying to keep my embouchure the same when playing softly throughout the entire range of the saxophone. I can play low notes softly, and high notes softly. However, the embouchure I use when playing these two ways differs. How can I play softly throughout the entire range with a consistent embouchure? I know it takes work, but I think my approach might not be the proper technique.

When I play low notes softly, I tend to let air go into the area of my mouth behind my lower lip. But when I play high notes softly, my lower lip is more tense and "scrunched" against the bottom of the reed. I find that if I play legato, softly, from low Bb up to high F or F#, I have to modify my embouchure once I get up to high D and above. It probably just needs work.

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