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by Karenina Wolff
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2 years ago

--- Hello, from Mexico City, Mexico ---

Hello, everyone... I'm Karenina Wolff, from Mexico City, Mexico, and I'm 39 years old. My cousin Priscila Armenta plays the saxophone, but she doesn't like social networks nor Internet forums. So, I'm posting here in her behalf. I would also like to learn more about saxophones.

All the best from Mexico

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  1. by Ghostler
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    11 months ago

    Re: --- Hello, from Mexico City, Mexico ---

    ¡Bienvenido al foro, Krenina! Welcome to the forum! Lo siento para la respuesta tardía. Sorry for the late reply. Comprendo la razón misma que su prima no quiera los redes sociales ni foros de Internet. I understand the very reason your cousin does not want social media nor Internet forums. He dejado F***b**k y Tw****r dos años pasados. I left F***b**k and Tw****r two years ago.

    Esta es la razón estoy aquí. This is why I am here.

    Dios la bendiga toda desde Nuevo México. God bless you all from New Mexico.


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